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Consultations For Professionals


Are you a professional counselor, therapist or teacher who would like assistance in working with a highly sensitive person? Dr. Zeff, internationally recognized expert on the trait of high sensitivity, is now available for phone and in-person consultations.

    During your consultation you will learn:
  • How to help your HSP client have harmonious relationships.
  • How diet and exercise affect the HSP’s nervous system.
  • Innovative coping techniques to help the sensitive child.
  • How to increase the HSP’s self-esteem.
  • To help your client create a peaceful work or school environment.
  • How to heal your client’s insomnia.
  • A comprehensive program for calming the HSP’s nervous system.
  • Answers to your client’s specific challenges as an HSP.

HSP consultations for professionals can be ½ hour or 1 hour. If you are interested in a consultation you may contact our office, or sign up now. We will arrange the time for your consultation when we hear from you or we'll contact you after we receive your payment.

In-Person Consultations with Dr Ted are available in the San Francisco Bay area. Contact our office, or sign up now »

Online Secure Payments


Payments are accepted by cash or check at the time of our session, or securely online through PayPal before our session. For online payments you will be invited to log into your PayPal account. Don't have a PayPal account? It's ok, you don't need one. Simply use your credit or debit card to pay.

* Your credit card or PayPal information is not stored on this website, but is processed securely through PayPal.